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Welcome – Starting life at Crofton

Welcome to our Crofton Academy Transition page. We understand that pupils are nervous about joining “big school” and after such a long time out during lockdown we appreciate that this year it will be harder as they have not had time to visit us as we would have liked. We are sure ALL pupils in year 6, whichever high school they are joining, are feeling just the same right now. Hopefully the information and advice below will put you all at ease and answer some questions you may have.

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Work to do for September

Hegarty Maths is an online learning tool which we use at Crofton Academy. Hegarty Maths have been developing their programme to support Year 6s who will be transitioning to secondary school this September and within Numerise, they’ve built a free course called ‘Secondary Ready‘ which is designed to prepare Year 6 learners for joining school in Year 7 in September.

The content and course will certainly help keep these children mathematically fresh during this lockdown period, and it is free-of-charge until September 2020. Simply click the NUMERISE box below and follow the instructions to sign your child up.

Numerise link