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Careers Education – An Overview

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Careers Education, Impartial Advice and Guidance CEIAG

Careers Leader: Miss Lord

Careers Adviser: Tracey Chapman (Tuesday and Thursday)

SLT Careers Link: Mrs Ashton

We want to work with you to make you aware of the world of work and to equip you with unbiased information, so that you can make good choices.

Aspiration: every one of you has special skills, qualities and abilities. We will support you to help you to recognise what these are and to realise the huge range of paths that you can take. It’s crucial that in today’s competitive world you aim high and recognise that you must explore a range of opportunities, in order to find what’s best for you. It’s vital to be open to finding out about different things, even if you think you know what you want to do. Take every opportunity provided to explore!

How Does The Values Programme Help?

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

This overlaps with the Values Lessons looking at resilience, respect and decision making etc.

Take a look in our Careers Library, but remember that you can book an appointment with Tracey Chapman.Tracey is our Careers Adviser and is the most up-to-date regarding impartial advice and guidance.

Look at the Careers Section on our school webpage. Apprentice opportunities advice is on the school website alongside Labour Market Information. Guides on how to use eClips and Fast Tomato are also on there!