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CEIAG is an important part of our 5 year Personal Development Programme. Our aim is to raise pupil awareness of the world of work and to equip them with the information and skills to be able to make good, ambitious choices. Indeed we want to empower pupils to make the right choices for their post 16 education and beyond.

To find out more please use the Staff Guide to Personal Development – a copy can be obtained from Sharon Lord. This document shows you how we are supporting students in their Personal Development and also how our Careers Education, Impartial Advice and Guidance fits into this. Our CEAIG programme is also on our webpage.

Should you need any advice or help, please contact us:

Sharon Lord is our Personal Development   Co-ordinator and part of her role is to manage careers advice. She is our Careers Leader. Contact Sharon at

Tracey Chapman is our Independent Careers Adviser.

Contact Tracey at tracey.chapman@croftonacademy

Please always use Tracey to ensure that the advice that pupils receive is both relevant and the most up-to-date.

Kate Ashton is SLT link for Personal Development/CEIAG. Contact Kate at

Please explore the different sections in our ‘careers’  link on the webpage.

 Thank  you for your support.