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Long Term Plans

Curriculum intent is rooted in the planning of courses, activities and in ensuring that pupils are given every opportunity to flourish academically and be very prepared for life after school. They need to be able to compete in today’s world . Indeed  Subject Leaders  have carefully analysed the knowledge, skills and cultural capital that pupils need to gain at each stage of their learning.  Our Pastoral Development Programme then supports this work.

 Curriculum plans are always live documents: staff are continually engaged in evaluating what they teach to ensure that the personalised needs of the specific pupils are met. Also adaptions are needed following training or professional sharing of quality teaching and learning strategies and methods. Hence the plans in this section of the webpage are the original plans that were made in July 2021. These plans show the journey for different years groups and take into account remote learning over the last two years. The plans for Wider curriculum opportunities are growing as we move forward and some of these plans contain fewer opportunities than usual due to the constraints of Covid-19. Staff have ensured that pupils have been given as many opportunities as possible through their lessons, to consider and debate the ‘bigger picture’ – SMSC, FBV and aspects of education linked to ‘cultural capital’. We now are planning for more opportunities for pupils to have a variety of experiences and look forward adding these to our curriculum.

Art & Design

Art (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

Art (Y7 Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

Art (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

Art (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Art (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)

Computer Science

Computer Science (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)

Computer Science (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Design & Technology

Legacy Technology Rotation Year 7 & Year 8

Construction (Started Y10 September 2020)

Engineering Design

Legacy Technology Rotation Year 7 & Year 8

Engineering Design (Started Y10 Sept 2020)


English (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

English (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

English (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

English (Started Y9 Sept 2019 RCL)

English (Started Y9 Sept 2020 MWI)


Enterprise (Started Y9 Sept 2019 RCL)

Enterprise (Started Y9 Sept 2020 MWI)

Food Technology

Legacy Technology Rotation Year 7 & Year 8


Geography (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

Geography (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

Geography (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

Geography (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Geography (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


History (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

History (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

History (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

History (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

History (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


ICT (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

ICT (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

ICT (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

BTEC Digital IT (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

BTEC Digital IT (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


Maths (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

Maths (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

Maths (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

Maths (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Maths (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


Media (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Media (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


MFL (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

MFL (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

MFL (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

MFL (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

MFL (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)

PE & Sport

PE (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

PE (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

PE (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

PE (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

PE (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)

BTEC First Award Sport Legacy (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Tech Award (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


RE (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

RE (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

RE (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

GCSE RE (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


Science (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

Science (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

Science (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

Science (Started Y9 Sept 2019 MWI)

Science (Started Y9 Sept 2020 RCL)


Legacy Technology Rotation Year 7 & Year 8

Textiles (Started Y7 Sept 2019 RCU)

Textiles (Started Y7 Sept 2020 JMA)

Textiles (Started Y7 Sept 2021 AMI)

Careers Programme

Personal Development Programme