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Head Girl & Head Boy Statement

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Head Girl & Head Boy Statement

We are delighted to have been chosen as Crofton Academy’s first Head Boy and Head Girl and are looking forward to working closely with both staff and pupils to enhance and develop school life at the Academy.

Here at Crofton Academy we are forward thinking and always looking for ways in which we can improve; a recent example of this is the work that was done last year to promote pupil leadership across the years. Our newly elected prefects at Crofton wear black ties so they are easy to spot and pupils can come to us with any worries, issues or even if they just want a familiar face to talk to.

Student voice is extremely important and the Prefect Team, Student Leadership Council and Year Group councils work closely together to discuss key issues, support themed weeks and whole school events alongside organising charitable projects, benefiting local and national charities.

We recognise that the past 18 months have been challenging for everyone in our community and at times education has looked very different to that of which our students have been used to. As a team we will work hard to support our new students with the transition from primary school to secondary school, along with supporting existing students in their return to full time life at the Academy.

We whole heartedly uphold the Academy core values of ‘Care, Aspire, Succeed’ and are proud to be Crofton Academy’s first Head Girl and Head Boy.

Rosie G
Charlie D