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Mission Statement & Aims

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Mission Statement

At Crofton Academy every individual will be cared for, supported and challenged to maximise their potential in order to create a feeling of self-worth and ambition.  This aspirational journey will allow each member of our community to develop individually within an ethos of respect, enjoyment, sense of belonging and provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

Aims of the School

VALUES: the diverse needs of everyone are recognised and supported to promote equal opportunities to create an inclusive school.

PLEDGE: to foster a caring and safe environment built on mutual respect and clear expectations, where success is promoted and celebrated.

OPPORTUNITIES: to offer broad, relevant and flexible opportunities that provide enjoyable and challenging experiences which maximise the life chances of all.

STAFF: to nurture all staff through secure, supportive, continuous professional development.  Care for staff extends to their wellbeing, ensuring their professional duties are effectively met.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: to provide a stimulating environment encompassing new technologies which reflect the changing needs of the local and wider communities.  In respect learners will be recognised as flexible and adaptable in the face of challenge and change.

LEARNING ACHIEVEMENT: the learner experience will enable the development of responsible, tolerant citizens encouraging ownership of their communities.  In depth, reflective learners will flourish through opportunities to engage in creative exploration.  Our learners will be confident and resilient enough to drive for success.

PARTNERSHIP: to initiate, promote and enhance a positive and lasting partnership between school, its stakeholders and the wider community.