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Leadership Structure

At Crofton Academy, leadership is extremely important and we have several groups that students can apply to be part of along with whole school events where students can volunteer as leaders

Prefect Team
Our prefect team in year 11 is led by Rosie & Charlie our Head Girl & Head Boy and our supported by our deputies and senior prefects.

Prefects represent the voice of year 11 and are role models for their peers and younger students in school. Prefects are key ambassadors for our school and work with the SLC to promote good behaviour, positive attitudes to learning and high expectations for all.
Student Leadership Council
The SLC is made up of 3 elected representatives from each year group across the school.

The purpose of the SLC is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organising and carrying out school activities and community projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the SLC is the voice of the student body.
Year Group Council
Each form group had two elected representatives who attend meetings to discuss issues and share ideas that affect their own specific year group.

The year group councils work closely with the SLC and collaborate on charity events, themed weeks and specific year group initiatives.
Leadership Register
All students that are interested in student leadership are placed on our leadership register. Staff at the Academy refer to this when looking for students to assist with whole school events, department events and charity work.

Students can request to be added to the list at any time by speaking to their form tutor or Mrs Rostron.

What have student leaders done since September?

In September, the year 11 prefects helped us to welcome our new cohort of year 7 students and spent the day showing students around the school site, supporting them in lessons and helping them to feel settled in their new surroundings. Since then, the team have been busy taking part in mentoring training sessions to help support our younger students.

Prefects now mentor students in both year 7 and year 8 numeracy sessions each week, as well as running a nurture group to help students with key organisational skills. Our prefects also assist staff with morning duties before school and are a regular and consistent presence around the Academy.

Students in the SLC have also been fully immersed in academy life and have had a successful first term. During our first meeting in October, students discussed key issues raised by students from all year groups and fed back ideas and suggestions for improvements to the Senior Leadership Team. In November, Josh, Isabel & Iris were elected as Year 7 representatives to join the SLC and have already become valued and committed members of the team.

Charitable work has been a focus this half term and the SLC raised money for the Royal British Legion through the sale of poppies. They have also helped to support the academy’s ‘Kindness at Christmas’ work by completing a sponsored virtual rowing and cycling challenge, delivering assemblies to raise awareness of the 999 Cenotaph appeal and selling candy canes to be gifted to a friend. They sold over 350 candy canes and the money raised was donated to The Candlelighters Trust.

A large number of our student leaders also played a key role during the Year 5 &6 Open Evening in September acting as guides to show prospective students and parents around the school along with sharing the things they enjoy about life at Crofton Academy. It was fantastic to see so many of our students involved and engaged in a leadership role.

What Next?

The next term will be another packed term for all of our leadership groups.

PrefectsStudent Leadership CouncilYear Councils
The prefect team will spend the next few weeks planning, advertising and delivering their own charity project that will run across the academy.

The team will also meet to discuss the y11 Prom and work with staff at the academy to prepare for leavers events.

Finally, the team will continue to run their nurture groups and numeracy support sessions with students in years 7&8.
SLC students will continue to support key themed weeks that will be delivered in both form time sessions and in some curriculum sessions.

These will include:-
-E-safety Week
-Safer Internet Day
-Apprenticeship Week
-Random Acts of Kindness Day
-International Languages Week
-National Careers Week
-British Science Week

The SLC will also meet to discuss feedback from previous projects and look at whole school issues.
The year groups councils will all meet during the next term and take part in discussion forums with Mr Pool.

In these forums students will be given the opportunity to feedback on current policies and procedures and bring ideas and suggestions from their form groups about how we can continue to enhance both behaviour and opportunities at the academy.

Council members will then feedback to their respective form groups.