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Key Stage 4 Reports: A Parents’ Guide

Our main way of communicating with you is through reports which are sent home three times a year. These reports will give you a brief overview of how your child is working and progressing in the range of subjects taught. This is a ‘snapshot’ based on the evidence available at the time of writing the report. Should you have any questions or concerns after reading the report, it is vital that you contact the specific department Subject Leader or speak to your child’s Year Leader. Following one of the three reports there will be a parents evening which will also give you an opportunity to further discuss the report with your child’s class teacher. Indeed by working together we can support your child to feel happy, secure and able to achieve.

Attitude to Learning, Behaviour & Homework Judgements

Attitude to learning, behaviour and homework grades are linked to the following comments.

CMeets expectations
DSometimes working below expectations
EOften fails to meet expectations

Attitude to learning is based on the effort that a child puts into classwork. This takes into account their effort across all activities in class – oral work, practical tasks, written work, independent work and how they work with others.

Behaviour is linked to all aspects of how a child: interacts with others; does what they are asked to do and how the choices that they make enable all members of our community to be happy, feel safe and able to achieve.

Homework encompasses the quality of homework that has been completed, alongside the amount of homework done on time.

What do the Target Grades Suggest?

As a school we have set each pupil a ‘Minimum Target Grade’ and an ‘Aspirational Target Grade’, based on Key Stage 2 outcomes. These grades are linked to GCSE outcomes. It is very important to recognise that the minimum target grade is what we are aiming for and the aspirational target grade communicates to pupils and parents the potential that we recognise in each individual child.

What Does the Predicted Grade Suggest?

The predicted grade on the report is the grade at that current time that your child’s teachers feels that they would achieve at the end of Year 11 if they continue to work as they are.