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Dear Parent / Carer, 

It is the time in your son/daughter’s education when some important choices have to be made in relation to his/her Key Stage 4 courses. This booklet provides information about all Key Stage 4 courses.

Your son/daughter will be given a personalised options form on Friday 25th March following the Options Assembly launch. Please spend time reading through the subject information and looking at the options form before completing it. In addition, we have created subject information clips, delivered by school staff for each subject. These clips and further information can be accessed via the Curriculum tab on the school website and following the KS4 Options link.

The National Curriculum requires pupils to follow a broad range of subjects which are compulsory. These are Mathematics, English, Science, Physical Education and RE/PSHE. Pupils are then able to choose 4 options. All pupils must pick either Geography, History, French or Spanish. We will always try to give your son/daughter his/her first preference choices. Occasionally, this is not possible as courses without sufficient numbers cannot run and if this is the case it will require further discussion and a reserve choice to be made.

I would also like to draw your attention to The English Baccalaureate (EBacc). The EBacc is a suite of subjects made up of the following: English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, Science (including Computer Science), Geography or History and Languages. To achieve the ‘full EBacc’, pupils must achieve strong passes (Grade 5 or above) in English, Mathematics, Science, Geography or History and French or Spanish. The EBacc suite of subjects is regarded as a strong foundation to progress into further education and the Government has actively promoted this pathway with an ambition to see 75% of students studying this combination by 2022 and 90% by 2025. We strongly recommend that pupils take the English Baccalaureate.

The options form must be returned to your son/daughter’s form teacher by Monday 4th April 2022.

We do appreciate that making decisions and filling in forms can be a difficult and time-consuming task. If you need any help or have any concerns about subjects offered to your child, please contact me at school. Careers advice is also available in school and can be booked via the admin mailbox stating ‘FAO Careers’ in the subject line.

Options Documents

Options Letter

Options Booklet

Options Form – (this is an example, pupils have been issued with their personalised options form)

Options PowerPoint

Which Way Now booklet

Important Dates:

Thursday 24th March – Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening (5pm – 8pm). 

Friday 25th March – Options Assembly Launch 

Monday 4th April – Last date for completed options forms to be returned to form teachers. 

Options Videos

Videos for each subject will appear here on Friday 25th March 2022. The Subjects will be divided into separate groups: Core Subjects, EBACC Subjects, and Other Subjects.

Subject Groups
Core Subjects:
English Language,
English Literature, Mathematics, Combined Science, Separate Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
EBACC Subjects: (Geography, History, French, Spanish)Other Subjects (GCSE)Other Subjects (BTEC)