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As part of the safe return to school in September and in response to increased mixing of people over the summer break, the Department for Education have requested that schools administer lateral flow tests for pupils to identify any pupils who might have coronavirus but do not show any symptoms.

Along with the other protective measures we are taking, these tests will help staff and pupils to remain in school safely. Up to one third of people who have coronavirus experience no symptoms. By rapidly identifying and containing any asymptomatic cases, this will help avoid individuals carrying the infection unknowingly and spreading it.

Testing is voluntary and no child will be tested unless informed consent has been given by the appropriate person. All pupils will return to school from the week beginning the 6 September regardless of if they have a lateral flow test. Testing will take place for each year group at the following times:

Thursday 2 September Year 7
Year 10
Friday 3 SeptemberYear 8
Year 9
Year 11
Monday 6 SeptemberYear 7N/A
Tuesday 7 SeptemberYear 10
Year 11
Year 7 Only
Wednesday 8 September Year 8
Year 9
Year 7 Only
Thursday 9 SeptemberN/AAll Year Groups
Friday 10 SeptemberN/AAll Year Groups
* Actual times for tests will be confirmed


If you would like to give consent for your child to be tested, please complete the questions on the appropriate link below.  Please note the year group refers to the year group your child will be entering in September 2021.

YEAR 7 (in September 2021)

Insert to Year 7 Form

YEAR 8 (in September 2021)

Insert to Year 8 Form

YEAR 9 (in September 2021)

Insert to Year 9 Form

YEAR 10 (in September 2021)

Insert to Year 10 Form

YEAR 11 (in September 2021)

Insert to Year 11 Form

Frequently Asked Questions on Lateral Flow Testing

What does the test involve?

Pupils will attend our testing centre which is based in the Sports’ Hall. They will register at the registration desk and then go to a booth where they will self-administer a swab. This involves using a mirror to direct the swab to their tonsils and then place the same swab up their nose. They then take the swab to the processing station and place it in a testing tube. At this point the pupil leaves and our fully trained test processors complete the tests. Parents/Carers will be informed by email of a positive result and instructions for self-isolation.

Pupils who have been part of the lateral flow testing in school and those who wish to home test, will be provided with home testing kits. Pupils should carry out these tests twice weekly at intervals of 3-5 days – we recommend Sunday and Wednesday evening. Full instructions of how to perform the lateral flow tests are within the packs and further detail can be found below.

Why do I have to give consent? What happens to my child’s data?

You will need to give medical consent for your child to take the test by completing the relevant form above. Your child’s data will be uploaded to the DfE and processed as part of testing and comes under UK GDPR legislation. The data is processed using Public Task data protection legislation where it is necessary to process personal data to ensure we meet our obligations in education legislation to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of pupils. This legislation also allows the sharing of personal data with DHSC, Local Government, Test and Trace and the NHS.

Will my child be able to attend school if they are not tested?

Yes, all pupils will return to school from the week beginning the 6t September regardless of if they have a lateral flow test.

What happens to my child’s test results?

We will use the contact details you provide on the consent form to register your child for the test and to send the result to the parent identified. You will not be informed of a negative test.

If your child test positive, we will contact the named parent/carer and your child and your household will be required to isolate in line with government guidance.

Who are the results shared with?

In the event of a positive result, in addition to sharing with the parent/carer, we will only share the result with the appropriate contacts such as our own contact tracing team (to alert other pupils who have been in contact with your child that they need to isolate) and our attendance team. All results – both positive and negative – are shared by us with the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) who will also share the results with the NHS and Public Health England to assist them with contact test and tracing.

What if my child tests positive

If a pupil tests positive using an in school lateral flow test, they will not be allowed to attend lessons and must self-isolate in line with government guidelines.

What if my child’s test is void?

If your child’s test is void, we will ask them to take the test again.

How long will my child’s data be kept for?

We will keep the data used for testing up to 14 days.

The DHSC, NHS and PHE will keep it for as long as it is required to support initiatives to fight COVID-19.

Can my child have a lateral flow test if they have tested positive for Covid-19 within 90 days?

If a pupil has recently (within 90 days) had a positive PCR test for COVID-19, they are likely to have developed some immunity. Individuals are exempt from testing by both PCR and LFD within 90 days of a positive PCR test, unless they develop new symptoms.

Should someone who has been vaccinated take an LFD test?

Yes, we do not yet know whether vaccines prevent individuals transmitting the virus. If staff have been vaccinated, they should continue to follow the steps set out in this guidance. The vaccine does not interfere with the LFD or PCR tests.

How to do a Covid-19 self test at home

Please see videos below for further information on the lateral flow testing process.

Please see videos below for further information on the lateral flow testing process.

Lateral Flow Test

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