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Hello and welcome to the literacy section of Crofton Academy’s website. Literacy is building skills to communicate so pupils can access the world. You will find information to help build skills to listen, speak, read and write better.

Here there are links to our new Literacy Lockdown Challenges (fun games to help improve literacy), information about the Accelerated Reader programme from Renaissance and useful links.

Letter to Year 7-9 re Literacy (14.05.21)

Literacy Lockdown Challenge

Let’s see if you can beat your parents, siblings and carers with these fun literacy challenges!

Let’s begin with the reading BINGO challenge.


Each time you complete a square, make sure a person at home signs the box to say you have done it.

Please take a picture of one completed line and a full house (all the grids) on your bingo card and send an email or private message through the Accelerated Reader Google Classroom.

If you want to send in your book reviews or character drawings, please use the literacy email address and we will display those in the library.

Have fun and don’t forget to shout BINGO!

Literacy Lockdown Challenge Click Here

Reading BINGO Click Here

Accelerated Reader Programme

What is it?

Watch a quick video by clicking here to find out about the Accelerated Reader Programme.

What should a pupil be doing with their Accelerated Reader book?

Pupils should be reading (for at least 20 minutes a day) their accelerated reading book. If they don’t have one because they haven’t been in school to get one, they can find a free book from the links below or they can choose a book they might already have at home. Did you know that pupils who read daily in their free time are twice as likely to read above the level expected for their age than children who don’t read daily (research taken from National Literacy Trust’s Children and Young People’s Reading In 2019).

The benefits of reading consistently each day are as follows:

During lockdown, research has shown students have increased their reading and reading for enjoyment.

How can I help as a parent or carer?

Make literacy a conscious part of your everyday. You could begin by taking part in our Literacy Lockdown Challenges.

You should also read and show that reading is entertaining as well as being informative.

Discuss different texts with the pupil.

Read their book with them and ask them questions about what they’ve read to check their understanding.

What do I do when I’ve finished reading a book?

Well done for reading the entire book! You now need to take a quiz. This shows you’ve read it carefully. We expect 60% or above so please don’t rush. Watch the video by clicking here to see what you need to do to complete the quiz.

Link to Star Reading


For Pupils:

Reading Agency

Literacy Shed

For Parents/Carers:

The Literacy Trust