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No Screen Friday 12th February

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What is No Screentime Friday?

There’s no doubt that during lockdown our screens have supported us in many ways. We’ve used them to keep in contact with family and friends; work from home; provide lessons to pupils – to name just a few things. Indeed, times might have been very different had we not had the technology to support our lives. However we are conscious of the amount of time that we are spending on line and with this in mind, we are launching our ‘No Screentime Day’ on Friday 12 February.

We are supporting pupils by encouraging them to take a break from their screens, consider a range of suggested activities listed below and maybe ‘have a go’ at things that are out of their comfort zone. There’s something for everyone and the activities allow pupils to: indulge in their hobbies; take a break and lose themselves in a book; exercise; take part in a varied range of competitions and challenges; remember the fun involved when playing family games; be creative; improve skills and knowledge, alongside activities that will have a positive impact on others. Indeed the activities and challenges cover cross-curricular themes, skills development, national competitions, literacy and numeracy and the creative arts.

Letter to Parents/Carers


80 Ideas for Teenagers

Art Attack Activities (PDF Version)

Build a Bug Hotel (PDF Version)

Calligraphy Challenge (PDF Version)

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Capture the Day (PDF Version)

Cook with Mr MacDonald (PDF Version)

Crofton Total Warrier Challenge (PDF Version)

Dragon Puppet Activity (PDF Version)

Drawing Task (PDF Version)

Express Yourself Photography Competition

Make and Bake Activity (PDF Version)

Numeracy Challenge

Origami Crane Challenge (PDF Version)

Our School Has a Mind to be Kind

Science at Home (PDF Version)

Sytner Competition

Time Capsule Activity

Young Song Writer Competition

Literacy Lockdown Challenge

Literacy Bingo Card

The Results

What a fantastic day it was! We had so many photographs and emails with activities that pupils had been doing and we have collated some of these in a presentation below. We are glad so many pupils took part and so much time was spent away from screens.

No Screentime Friday Presentation