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Remote Education January 2021

Following government and DfE guidance to close schools in January 2021, online/remote education has become the main avenue to continue teaching and learning for the coming months. Subject content is created to support academic and pastoral study, in line with our curriculum, and to keep pupils connected and engaged in their learning. Online learning materials include quizzes and recall activities that activate and test prior learning and knowledge in addition to online materials and activities that introduce new information.

At Crofton Academy, we are using a blend of both live and pre-recorded video lessons for remote education. All online/remote education activities will need to be accessed through the Google Classroom platform. These resources and platforms have been specifically chosen to allow access to resources at any time, as we are aware that pupils may have to share electronic devices with other siblings or parents/carers working from home throughout the day. 

We would expect pupils to complete all of the work set on Google Classroom so they can continue to develop and consolidate their knowledge and skills whilst at home. Pupils must also send any work that needs to be marked and fed back upon to their teacher to ensure understanding and inform future teaching.

Over the period of remote education, Crofton Academy lesson timings will run as follows:

Timings of the day

(Live Lesson last approx. 50 minutes – times shown in brackets)
Period / Event
8.50 – 9.00Live Registration
9.10 – 10.10 (9.10 – 10.00)Period 1
10.10 – 11.10 (10.10 – 11.00)Period 2
11.10 – 11.25Break
11.25 – 12.25 (11.25 – 12.15)Period 3
12.25 – 13.00Lunch
13.05 – 14.05 (13.05 – 13.55)Period 4
14.05 – 15.05 (14.05 – 14.55)Period 5

Q. How do I know if I have a live lesson today?

A. Check the Stream of your classes for the day – your teacher will post a message to let you know which lessons in the week are live.