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The Visual Impairment (VI) Team

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The Team at Crofton is part of the Service for Visually Impaired Children which consists of qualified and experienced Teachers who have all undertaken additional extensive (mandatory) training in the educational needs of children with a visual or multi-sensory impairment.

Our Specialist Learning Support Officers/Assistants are qualified in braille, plus have extensive knowledge and experience of supporting children with visual impairments, including reformatting and modifying work to enable lesson access. Our support to our Resource Base pupils may be alongside them in the classroom, or from a distance using a “stepped-back” approach – this is subject to the needs of the child and the type of lesson.

Mobility and independence training and daily living skills teaching are provided to by our qualified Habilitation Specialists and Assistants. The Habilitation staff teach long cane skills, outdoor travel (including using public transport) and road safety thereby enabling our pupils to build confidence and independence. We also have an adapted kitchen in the Resource Base where our pupils learn how to prepare meals and snacks as part of their independent living skills programme.